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We at 465-Media offer the most trusted WordPress maintenance services and help you get away from site-related tasks. Our incredible services are ideal for those looking for a reliable WordPress development company.Moreover, our professional WordPress developers are expert in providing online and offline marketing strategies.

 Update WordPress, Themes & Plug-in

Our highly experienced WordPress developers can flawlessly update your WordPress themes, core, and plug-in. We also support upgrade compatibility to ensure that your business website runs perfectly.

Regular Backups to eliminate risk

In order to eliminate the risk of any suspicious activity by hackers, you actually need to take a backup of your WordPress website. Our experts offer incredible services to backup your site on a regular basis.

24/7 Support from Expert Developers

We offer the most reliable WordPress support and maintenance services at the best price. Our professionals provide 24/7 support to assist you with any technical help you required with your WordPress website.

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WordPress Site Maintenance Services for your Business Website

WordPress is a dynamic platform, and every month numerous updates are delivered to the website owners that support them to enhance the security and functionalities of the websites. And, if you fail to apply latest updates to your website, it will become prone to unauthorized access and various malicious attacks. WordPress site maintenance is a complicated task and requires a lot of time. We provide regular and proper maintenance of your business WordPress website for its enhancement & error free working.

WordPress Support and Maintenance Service Includes

  • Clean spam as required
  • Clean DB overhead as required
  • Clean post revisions as required
  • Uptime monitor and reporting
  • Clean and optimize database
  • Daily SQL backups to an offsite location
  • Scan site for malware/viruses and clean as needed ***
  • Answering questions as they pertain to site as it stands right now
  • Updating Plugins as required (backup before updates happening)
  • Updating WordPress as required (backup before updates happening)
  • Daily Full incremental backups of complete file system and SQL database to an offsite location
  • Consult when the client would like to add features and determine the best solution

What it doesn’t cover

  • Any additional features added or required by site. Will provide estimate for you new requirements.
  • Any fixes that need to happen after any upgrades are complete. Will provide estimate to resolve any complications that may arise.