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WordPress software is a top choice for bloggers and website creators worldwide. With an estimated 50 million plus websites using WordPress as of 2018, it’s not a surprise. With thousands of plugins that expand the possibilities, you can create virtually anything you want and build an audience. In this article, we’re going to talk about 2023 WordPress features that will be a reality this year and how they could impact your business.

With the 2023 WordPress roadmap for features, developers are gearing up to work on all the changes in the new version of WordPress. The WP Development Team will update all of their projects to match the new features they have in store with the next release. Most of the features of the escrow come from direct demand by users and developers on forums, companies, and individual users.

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2023 WordPress Features To Look Out For

Supports PHP 8.2

PHP 8.2 is the latest version of PHP, and it’s a major release that brings many new features. You can use it to build websites or any other web application in just minutes. PHP 8.2 is backwards compatible with previous versions, so you don’t need to worry about your existing code breaking when upgrading your server’s PHP version (as long as you’re using modern frameworks like WordPress). In fact, there are plenty of reasons why upgrading to PHP 9 might be beneficial for your projects:

AI configured plugins

AI-configured plugins are a new feature of WordPress 2023. AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it’s just a mechanism to make your life easier by automating tasks so you can focus on things that matter. Imagine if the plugin did all the hard work for you! You could have an AI-configured plugin set up for social media sharing and have it post content automatically on your behalf. Imagine if there was an AI-configured plugin that would automatically optimize your images before they were uploaded, so they were ready to share with everyone in their original resolution!

Imagine if an AI-configured plugin could monitor what people are saying about your brand online and respond when necessary. This is all possible with these new WordPress features.

Gutenberg gets an update.

Gutenberg will get an update. In another year, you’ll be able to make sure your site looks exactly how you want it to look on all devices with the new Media Element. It’s like having a simple design tool for your content, so you can easily create custom layouts for different screen sizes.

If you wanted to create a form or other interactive element using the old Gutenberg editor, you had to use a separate plugin called Form Maker Pro and manually insert each field into your page; now, though—with the new Layout Tool—it’s possible to just drag-and-drop elements onto pages!

Easier Multi-Site Management.

One of the most popular WordPress features, multi-site management allows you to manage multiple sites from one installation. It’s easier than ever to manage multiple sites with one click of installation and site migration.

Improved Block Editor

The improved block editor makes creating and editing content much easier than before. It also includes a lot of new features, such as:

  • New content blocks, like the carousel block
  • A customizable block editor that lets you decide what buttons are shown in the toolbar
  • A more powerful customizer with more options available

Improved navigation menu.

The navigation menu will be able to display more options and will be customizable. It will also be user-friendly, making it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website.

A More Powerful Cleaner UI/UX.

  • Improved speed and performance. The new WordPress 2023 release is faster and more efficient than ever before. It also includes a new security feature that makes your site even more secure.
  • Improved search functionality. The new search functionality will make it easier to find the information you’re looking for on your website. You’ll be able to use autocomplete and features like proximity searching so you can find what you’re looking for faster than ever.
  • Easier navigation with drag and drop. You’ll now be able to drag and drop elements between pages, making it easier than ever to create custom layouts. You’ll also be able to add custom menus and links to your pages with the new drag-and-drop feature.
  • More powerful, cleaner UI/UX. The new WordPress 2023 release includes a more powerful cleaner UI/UX. This means that it will be easier to find and remove clutter from your website. You’ll also be able to customize the look and feel of the cleaner, so it matches your website’s style.

In the same way that “the future is female” has become a popular slogan for feminists, it appears that “WordPress 2023 is gonna be lit!” is becoming a popular slogan for developers who are excited about what’s coming up next in WordPress.

Why Do You Need to Warch Out For These Features?

There are a few reasons why you should upgrade to WordPress 2023. For one, the new features will make your website look better than ever on all devices. Also, the improved block editor makes creating and editing content much easier than before, and the navigation menu will be more user-friendly. Additionally, the improved speed and performance will make your website run faster. Finally, the improved search functionality will make finding what you’re looking for on your website a breeze.


 The WordPress platform will have grown to be one of the most important content management systems to date. Gaining popularity and user base not just from the do-it-yourself crowd but from businesses around the world, WordPress will continue to be a household name for years to come.

With the release of 2023 WordPress features. It will be easier for developers to build websites and make them more attractive to users. So, check out these features if you want to upgrade your WordPress site

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