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Running a WordPress site doesn’t mean that the job is done. You have to take care. It can ask for some hard work. Maybe this is the reason many fail to keep up with the site.

The webmasters are responsible for creating content, making SEO possible, having a strategic outbreak, taking care of social media, controlling security and administration.  If you want to take off majority of these responsibilities off your plate, sign up for a professional WordPress backup service that will not only save your time, but keep everything streamlined. Usually, there are two types of WordPress care plan services available.

  • Maintenance: WordPress care plans include maintenance cores like WordPress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, uptime monitoring and so on.
  • Support: keeping the support will help you control the website downtime, minimize theme and plugin errors, adapt to theme modifications, and provide WordPress advice to help troubleshoot the issues.

WordPress care plans that include maintenance and support can drastically reduce the time you spend on things that need to be done by professionals. Plus, you get shielded from hacks, spams and errors.  Experts like 465 Media take care of mundane tasks like plugin updates, theme updates, security checks, website backups, and more.

If you’re already an experienced WordPress user, you may feel the constant need for maintenance and support services. Surely it reduces your workload, gives you time to focus on other problematic situations, and many more.

Keeping these benefits in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress care, maintenance and support services that you can get.

Best Maintenance and Support Services

WP Buffs

WP Buffs offers 24/7 support and maintenance services via their email and live chat systems. With the help of WP Buffs support plans, you can take care of the website edits, website backups, security, website updates, and other general WordPress support. You can find three main types of plans to maintain, perform and protect your WordPress site. The maintenance plan includes weekly WordPress plugin and theme updates, daily cloud website backups, weekly reports and uptime monitoring. Emergency support system lts the site tackle hacks and malwares. The protect plan backs up your site twice a day, and lets you make changes to it. The perform plan does website backups four times a day, optimizes the speed and does more.

WP Buffs has amazing plans with solid support and maintenance that are fairly priced.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy has the largest domain registrars on the internet. It is also the biggest web hosting company that deals with many clients all around the globe. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support provides only the best support to your website. This WordPress service doesn’t help with basic maintenance tasks but you can get help with theme modifications, database management, URL redirects and much more.

The service is worth considering because of the best WordPress modifications, WordPress errors, and website optimization. Less-experienced WordPress users can help with basic tasks like installations. However, if you’re looking for an all in one WordPress service, it is better off to get along with unlimited maintenance and support services.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care offers WordPress support and maintenance services. The service can take control of major maintenance tasks such as daily cloud backups of your website, automatic update of the WordPress cores, plugin and theme updates. Additionally, this service can get  you the data of all the website activities in real-time. It is beneficial when you need constant updates on security breaches via scans and real-time data.

There is no limitation on the number of support requests that you can make. The best part is that this service has a simple pricing model. WP Site Care is the best service if you want WordPress maintenance and provides backups, support you need and do security checks.


Maintainn is a WordPress maintenance and support service that provides the WordPress users with weekly service reports. Also, it offers support service via email and live chats. All the Maintainn plans are backed with 24/7 security monitoring, off-site website backups, update of WordPress plugins and themes, and weekly update of WordPRess core.

Generally Maintainn offers three maintenance plans, namely, standard, professionals and enterprise. Their standard plan offers weekly WordPress updates and support, daily website backups, and security scanning. Also, you’ll be only charged $99 for a clean up after your website gets hacked. The professional plan is best for those who want freedom from website clean-ups and website backups at least twice a day. Additionally, you can get uptime monitoring, support for eCommerce websites, performance checks and much more. Enterprise plan is ideal for larger companies as they give access to a collaborative environment to the customers, website staging, and version changes. Also, your website will be backed up four times in a day.

Maintainn is an affordable WordPress maintenance and support service that effectively reduces the time you spend on administering the website.


Valet is also a WordPress maintenance and support service with an affordable maintenance plan. Valet’s plans perform daily website backups, updates the WordPress core and WordPress themes and plugin. These services reduce your manual work by including security scanning and uptime monitoring. Its basic package includes two-hour support each month, whereas the professional plan gives five hours of support every month. Lastly, the elite plan includes ten hour website support every month.  These plans are designed to help companies get extra marketing and IT support.

Final Thoughts

We know that the WordPress support market is competitive, which is why 465 Media encourages you to shop around before you hire professionals for the service. Look for a number of factors like the type of maintenance and support services they offer, locality, level of support, telephone service, response time, price and so on.

If you don’t know where to begin from, we know what you should do next – call the experts at 456 Media because we offer some amazing WordPress care plans and WordPress backup service.

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