9 Essential Tips to Give Your WordPress Website a Competitive Edge

The enormous platform of WordPress fascinates the audience by its functions and results every day. Did you know that almost 74.6 Million websites are being developed on WordPress? This solely means that the competition is gigantic, and you need to be 100% attentive to the maintenance of the site as a site owner or an administrator.

If you have that bug of taking your wordpress website to the next level, you should make some improvements to give a competitive edge.

These are some essential tips to give your site a refreshing look and keep your visitors engaged.

#1 Creating Perceptible content

The first tip would be to include high-resolution videos and images when you publish any content on the website. If some complicated topics need to be explained, you can add some infographics. This will not only add that extra edge to your blog but will also help your readers to understand the topic better.

Videos and images are more engaging and thus attract and keep the audience on the blog.

#2 Readers should be a prime concern

The second hack is to engage with your readers more. If you want to keep a constant bunch of readers intact then, start interacting with them on social media or via email, or under their comments.

This practice will make a positive impression by prioritizing their opinions and valuing their inputs. Sending out personalized messages to a bunch of regular readers will revitalize your medium/large-scale website.

#3 Fund in SEO

Set your website on that competitive edge by investing in some good SEO. Most people don’t understand how important SEO holds in taking your website to some other level. 

The foremost SEO practice is thorough keyword research and making the most of your content. By using SEO for your site, you can sit back because your site will get noticed, and it’ll be an immense success.

#4 Select an appropriate theme

Your website might be outdated with this ever-growing trend of web designing. All your website requires is a refreshed look.

There are 2 types of themes that one can go for Free and Premium. Many websites offer you free themes for the same but mind well; the premium can give you loads more options. Select an appropriate theme based on your brand’s niche and compatible with the latest WordPress version.

#5 Pay attention to Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing can be a very powerful marketing activity to connect to the reader personally.

If you have plans to monetize your blogs, this can bring you some leads. MailChimp is a quite popular tool used around the globe to manage their emails. As a beginner, this can help make your email list by gathering potential clients’ email addresses.

#6 Inserting impactful CTAs

Placing CTAs can set the tone of your goal. Let the audience know what you want from the website.

The “Call-to-Action” button can make the goal more effective and clear. Be it gaining the list of followers or becoming a blogger; one needs to be transparent with the audience.

#7 Go for Google Analytics

Google Analytics can answer your worries about the traffic on the site.

It helps you identify the most visited and likes content and devices the readers used to visit your site. This will help you in doing all the necessary changes.

#8 Make an interactive “About Us” page

The about page lets your readers know more and more about you and your brand. This means it’s very important to make an interactive page focused more on your audience. 

Ensure you are clear with the message that you put out on the about us page.

#9 Connect social media

This button will help the readers share their favourite content piece on their social media profiles. This will make people aware of your website and help increase the flower count.

Final Words

There’s always room for improvement. If you have got some great blog posts, you might as well use these tips to make it more successful. For more information contact us 465-media today.

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