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I am not sure how many different ways I have tried with different clients on how to ensure emails sent from their website to either their or their clients email inbox’s. There was always some factor involved, shared hosting – some other site was a spam bot, the IP of the server some how ended up on a black list somewhere, AOL (yes AOL) just refused to accept the email no mater what. Each and every time the mail was being dropped prior to the mail being delivered and even getting a shot of marking as ‘not spam.

Up until a few months ago, this was simply a headache, hated responding to clients email issues as I always thought I was making some sort of an excuse why email wasn’t being sent, when in fact it was, it was just not being accepted. Sucked, hated it, didn’t want anything to do with email, until I found mailgun, by RackSpace.

8-20-2014 12-04-05 PMWhat is great about Mailgun is that it is FREE for the first 10,000 emails per month or I think there was a 5 domain limit, but dont recall. I have been slowly adding all my clients site I manage and have maintenance agreement with, and so far so good no real issues.  Configuration is straight forward after you have created an account at Mailgun, just download and install the WordPress Plugin and you are good to go.

There was really on one thing you need to be aware of,  you need to add some DNS txt records, this might be a challenge if you dont have direct access register or nameserver. Once this is complete, smooth sailing.

The biggest advantage is that the detailed logging, if client asks about an email, I can go and look at the logs within mailgun to see if there was an i8-20-2014 12-01-40 PMssue, and most importantly why there was that issue. The one issue I had was that all of a sudden, email wasn’t be delivered, I opened a ticket and their support team switched me to a new server with different IP. Apparently one of their mail servers was tagged on a blacklist somewhere.


  • Live, Searchable Logs
  • Detailed Event Tracking
  • Geo and Link Performance
  • Client and Device Data
  • Event Webhooks and API
  • Analytics Reporting
  • 30-day Data Retention

Give it a try, I have about 15 sites using it, and I think my biggest monthly charge was less than $5.00

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N. Baldwin
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