Why Image Optimization is Necessary for Your WordPress Website

Images play a major role in your WordPress website that improves the site’s presence and makes it more appealing for the users. Images do not only attract the visitors but also hold them better than the long-written description on any kind of WordPress website. But, every image that you place on your page needs to be downloaded by users from your server to their PC or Mac. It extends page loading times that can frustrate users and have a negative effect on search engine rankings.

However, adding a pixel-rich image can be an ideal option for your website whether it is a portfolio or an e-commerce platform. But, you must optimize all the images that you are using on your website.

Image Optimization on Your WordPress Website

When it comes to use pictures on a WordPress website, one thing that must be taken into account is to optimize the images according to the layout of your site. Images take ample space over your website and therefore, it is necessary to compress them so that they won’t affect the site’s loading speed. A fast loading website is an important ingredient that engages the visitors. A WordPress website that has fast loading speed bring more visitors, more traffic, and more revenues thereby making you more successful.

In order to improve the website’s loading speed, you should search for the best image compression tools that will make your site lighter and easier to load. Jpeg Optimizer and Tiny PNG are some of the most popular image optimization tool preferred by the most users.

File Name

Every site owner wants to put up his website rank in search results. All images should be tagged properly with the right content and alt attributes that will make it improve your search engine optimization (SEO) practices. If you are going with WordPress web development, then it is easy to add alt attributes to pictures. Don’t forget to insert your text into the “Alternative Text” dialogue box while uploading images. Moreover, use descriptive filenames that will make the images rank high on the major search engine.

Use Captions

There is no direct connection between image captions and search engine rankings. Although, bounce rates must be considered. Most users tend to leave the website if they could not find anything interesting on your page or something they were looking for. And, this is where your website needs the right image captions. So, if you are not using image captions, you are probably losing out on one more opportunity to reduce your bounce rate.

Use Plugins

There is a wide range of WordPress plugins available that can help you optimize your images with ease. Two most popular image optimization plugins are:

WP Smush it

This plugin is known as the best image optimization plugin. It helps you compress JPEG, PNG, and GIF images one by one or in the group while using smushing servers.

EWWW Image Optimizer

It provides you with the fully optimized image without compromising the quality. You can even work on your previously uploaded images with the help of EWWW Image Optimizer.

Nowadays people believe in fast and superior quality web browsing. By using all these image optimization techniques, you can boost the load time of your WordPress website. If you are looking for a creative WordPress Development Company in order to get the best solution for your WordPress website, you have come to the right place. 465-Media.com offers the best WordPress development Services in New Hampshire USA.

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