5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates Using Your WordPress Site

A lot of people are vying to monetize a website, after all, one does not just establish a blog or put out an e-commerce site for no reason. It might have sprung out of curiosity or a hobby and it would be a waste not to generate income on those time laden content. 

Are you someone who has a blog with a considerable amount of readers or followers? Or perhaps an e-commerce site that needs some boost to increase sales? Read on! This article might help you turn all those potential buyers into a sale!

Incorporating the right marketing strategy with the right tool

Regardless of the type of business you have, there’s always one general rule in optimizing conversions – personal selling. You need to let your target market realize why they need to purchase the product or service. Entrepreneurs need to master a marketing technique and incorporate it with the tools he has in order to effectively increase sales. Without it, it would be hard to stand out from the crowd of online sellers belonging to your industry. Buyers today are becoming wary of the products or services they see over the internet due to privacy issues and a security breach. But when the right marketing strategy is combined with effective online tools, businesses can overcome this drawback and push sales to the top!

A lot of platforms can be used for your business, but because of the flexibility and user-friendly features of WordPress, I will be discussing more on how to increase conversion rates using your WordPress site.

How to Convert More Leads Into Sales Using Your WordPress Site

Below are some sure-fire tips that are found to efficiently increase conversions into a sale in any business industry:


Why? It’s because the recommended page loading time matters for online shoppers. According to Dotcom-tools, 2 to 5 seconds is the desirable waiting threshold for websites. Although average speed would vary in every industry:

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Buyers can be very impatient when it comes to online shopping and purchases. If they don’t get to see what they want after a few seconds, potential customers will start fleeing and resorting to other sites. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to online shopping alone. It happens to bloggers too. When you have readers that are enticed with the products you are promoting through an affiliate program, these readers or followers become your clients and are converted as a sale when they purchase the items. The problem begins when the customer is redirected for checkout and loading time is affected, sadly this could result in a high chance of withdrawal on their transactions. Fortunately, there are ways to help increase the site’s loading speed such as using speed friendly themes and limiting plug-ins.

Inbound Marketing

This is found to be one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing services or products. According to Marketing2Connect, this is a highly effective approach for small businesses saving at least 64% of its operational costs. What better way to market your business than making high-quality posts on your website! You can achieve this by sharing readable content on your blog, incorporating SEO tools and practices, posting to social media, and creating en e-mail pop up that helps generate your master list. All of these features are available in your WordPress via plug-ins. To read more on pop-up plugins, Quicksprout lists the top 7 out of the hundreds of plug-ins available.


The credibility of one’s business is largely affected by reviews out of purchases made by clients, excellent customer experiences, and referrals they make as they discover a product that’s beneficial for them. You can’t contain a happy shopper! When they’re happy they spread loads of positivities by sharing them via social media. I’ve seen a lot of people doing this, however, the same thing goes with unhappy customers. The sad part is, negative feedback often spreads 10x faster and you wouldn’t want that to happen to your business. 

How do you incorporate reviews in your products/services? You usually want this visible right after the presentation of the item. Your WordPress plug-ins can help you do this but one easy way would be making a dedicated page for it. 

Call to Action Tools

This method helps in building your email list and has been found to be very effective in acquiring sales. In fact, most of the websites right now welcome readers by its pop-up CTA. It produces a tempting action to input your contact details right there and then since it creates a sense of urgency especially when the text incorporates discounts, a free trial, and on sale products.

Again, this tool is made available via WordPress plugins. To help you get started, Hubspot enumerates the 18 Best Call to Action WordPress Plugins for 2020.

Mobile-Friendly User Interface

More purchases are now made using the consumer’s mobile phones and tablets. It provides the convenience of shopping anywhere and anytime you want. Customers want to visit websites that are presentable and easy to navigate may it be via a computer or a mobile phone/tablet.  You wouldn’t want to see messed up images and buttons, so it’s important to test and update by using tools for it. Interested in testing your site? Torque lists 10 Mobile Testing Tools For Your WordPress Site.

To sum things up…

There are a lot of resources that can help you fire things up in your WordPress site. But because of the complexity of the factors involved in sales generation, tools aren’t enough to keep you abreast of what’s coming to the world of e-commerce. It takes a lot of marketing effort and research for entrepreneurs to cope up with the demands and competition. Though I believe with the right mix of customer handling, marketing, and web-based business solutions, entrepreneurs can definitely experience productive outcomes.

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