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WordPress Maintenance using ManageWP

I recent took advantage of the discount that was being offered by ManageWP over the week of July 4th, I do love discounts. Prior to paying for the monthly fees I had tried their free trial a few months back, but to be honest, didn’t do an in depth analysis, which looking back really should have because it gave me access to their business features. But regardless, I went with their ‘Pro’ account as it gave me all the features that I was looking for. The Business account offers some features I wouldn’t use right now, like the SEO, two-factor authentication, and branding, but nice to know I can upgrade at anytime.

The main reason I was looking into ManageWP was because I am taking on more and more WordPress Maintenance Contracts, which is good because it is residual income. But, it can be time consuming if it isn’t automated and centralized. One of my new contracts are requiring monthly reports, great ManageWP can do that right? Well, yes, but not all that well. They aren’t detailed enough to submit to clients, do I understand what it is saying, sure, but my client wants to know more details. Which plugins are up to date, which ones are not, is WordPress core up to date, if not what version number. What about the theme? How about security scans, number of backups and if they are valid or not. See screen shot.

7-19-2013 9-31-25 AM

***Note – now that I am looking at the report, I am not even sure the information is correct.

But enough with the bad, because for the most part ManageWP is awesome. Here’s why;

  • Backups – I have always used BackupBuddy to backup my site and used it often tom migrate my clients sites from testing environments to production. But ManageWP backup is just as good to preform daily DB and weekly full site backups.  I will still us BackupBuddy, but for straight forward backups for sites I manage, easy.
  • Up click updates for all plugins and core across all my sites I manage. Dont have visit each and every site.
  • Add posts from the ManageWP dash board (why can’t I add pages, not sure)
  • Run security scans from Dash board, although I wish these could be schedule and its details with the reports generated.

These are just a few of the features I like best, but to get a complete list of all the features, visit ManageWP

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