WordPress Customization: Things to Consider While Launching a WordPress Website

Comes with a ton of features, WordPress is a highly-functional platform used to create amazing websites and blogs. You can easily customize a WordPress website in order to make it more functional. If you are going to develop a WordPress website, you need to follow some specific steps that will help you make your site look more appealing and functional.

In this blog, you will find 5 easiest processes of WordPress customization:

Set permalink structure

WP comes with a default permalink structure which isn’t optimized. You need to fix it before making your website live. In order to see the permalinks, you need to go to your wp-admin->Settings-> Permalinks.

Its “Plain” option doesn’t allow you to create descriptive URLs for your web pages that may affect the SEO. You should change this setting “Post name” and customize the URL’s.

The site must be visible to Google

It is one of the most significant considerations that must be taken into account before launching a WordPress website. If you want your newly-launched site to rank in Google and other search engines for any keyword, then make sure it is visible to Google. To achieve this, simply Go to your wp-admin-> Settings-> Reading, here you will find a check box. Make sure that the checkbox is unchecked:

Enable traffic analytics

Being a website owner, you must know that how many visitors land on your site, and how they access it. This analysis will help you come up with better services. There are several analytics tools available that can help you perform an in-depth study. You can enable in on your WordPress website by browsing through Google Analytics’ official website and following their guide. You can also use some plugins that will make that will help you add Google Analytics to your website:

Get a security plugin

It’s necessary to make your website safe and secure from various online threats. There are several plugins that you can use to protect your site from hacker attacks or malicious software. Some of the most popular security plugins are:

Add Social Media Integration

When it comes to customizing your WordPress website, you should not avoid integrating social media. It is an essential part of your site that will ultimately help you promote your products & services. Make sure your website lets you share your content with ease. Make it easy for readers to follow your page. Don’t forget to track your social media popularity.

All these above-mentioned tips will help you come up with a highly-functional yet successful WordPress website. If you are looking for a creative WordPress Development Company in order to get the best solution for your WordPress website, you have come to the right place. 465-Media.com offers the best WordPress development Services in New Hampshire USA.

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