Shopify vs WordPress for E-commerce – 5 Points to Consider in Choosing The Right Platform for Your Business

The business world today has evolved largely on making everything available online. The global health crisis has even made it more appealing for entrepreneurs to expand their presence over the internet particularly on social media. The pressure rests heavily on traditional business owners as they try to learn the ins-and-outs of e-commerce. 

But why is there a need to start building a reputable online appearance today? Simply because the e-commerce sales ratio has significantly increased from 2014 up to this date:

Shopify vs WordPress for E-commerce

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If you have finally decided to bring innovation and embrace the new norms of running your shop, you could be one of the hundreds of professionals looking for a solution in choosing the right platform for your business. Read on, this article is meant for you!

How to Choose The Right E-commerce Platform for Your Business

If you are aware of the platforms used by businesses, you must have heard about Shopify and WordPress. These high-ranking platforms are considered as one of the best tools for e-commerce in 2020 according to Tinuiti. For that reason, these two deserve some comparison.

So, what are the deciding factors? Have you ever thought of the things that one must consider in choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business? 

Below are the 5 points to consider in choosing the right platform for your business:

Retail type

What kind of business are you into? This is one important factor every entrepreneur must consider. WordPress can be used by businesses in any field, but this doesn’t apply to Shopify. Style Factory states that if you’re into dropshipping or if you are selling products with only a few variants then Shopify can be the best solution for you. But if your products involved more complicated choices or if your business offer services rather than goods then going for WordPress can be a better option.


Now you are in a situation willing to absorb all the changes coming in, but are you prepared for the cost that all these entail? If you have a start-up business, shouldering the monthly subscriptions and transaction fees can really knock you hard. You might be tempted to use Shopify for its simple navigation but if you are someone who doesn’t like to shell out for monthly and transaction fees, you better opt-out for this platform. What better way than to have everything started under low-budget or better yet – zero charges! WordPress allows you to do many things and even provides better functionality compared to Shopify. It’s flexible enough and allows you to take your e-commerce site to the next level.

Ease of use

If you think of Shopify vs WordPress for e-commerce, as a business owner and probably the webmaster of the platform, it’s important to note its user-friendliness level. In the world of Shopify, users can go click-clicky, drag-and-drop, all easy peasy! WordPress, however, can be simple to use but I believe it requires a good amount of knowledge and some technical skills in order to get the most out of its features. If you’re looking for someone reliable, we got you covered!


If opting for Shopify sounds like a better option to you, you must be prepared to adhere to its policies. Like any other e-commerce platform, it has limitations set on every user – from content to themes, and set-ups. If you’re looking to have a webpage with a sophisticated design and a unique vibe that would surely standout, WordPress can help you achieve this. You can do anything you want on your website since it’s loaded with plug-ins (both paid and free) and it offers even more marketing opportunities by adding a blog category.


Although all businesses require a certain amount of marketing activity, there are some that need a different level of outreach when it comes to tapping potential clients. It can be influenced by how tough competition exists, the need for a consistent online presence and the level of knowledge users have on the type of product or service being offered. One of the best known and proven ways to engage visitors and convert them to a sale is to establish a blog on your site. According to Entrepreneur, there are several ways to use this section effectively and as a tool in promoting your business. Blogging has increasingly become a popular method of gaining high-quality site visitors. In fact, a lot of companies use inbound marketing to increase traffic which in turn helps increase sales. The graph below shows companies using inbound marketing and the percentage of increase in their web traffic:

Shopify vs WordPress for E-commerce

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Unfortunately, blogging is not available for Shopify users, although SEO is incorporated well. But how do you know if your site is in need of blogging? Writtent shows you the telltale signs. So, if your business needs a great level of communication on its consumers, WordPress can help you get to the top. 

In a nutshell…

Shopify and WordPress for e-commerce has its points for various business owners. Both have superb functionalities that offer unique features for different users. Ultimately, it all boils down to the type of industry and product you have as a business owner. 

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