10 Best Themes for WordPress Customization

As time goes by and every WordPress update, new WordPress themes are being discovered and released that are free to use. When you are a website owner, sometimes, we tend to visit our website from time to time, have a check, or just by merely looking at it. As you are staring at it, you will eventually start to think of some cool stuff and look to add on it. You might be bored with your same old website look and want to give it a little freshness. These themes can make your website look styling and cool as you like and stay up to date.

Using WordPress can give you an easy theme to use for your website; that’s why it is a popular website host that will provide you with reliable performance. Of course, one thing you really need to consider is its responsiveness. Moreover, if you are just about to start building your website, you don’t have to start from scratch. The themes will give you less time to edit, but it depends on what you still want. So, we will be sharing some theme ideas that are customizable and easy to use from its settings, up to the fonts, colors, and more.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Must-Know Common Characteristics of WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme might be a little challenging because you may have to pick from thousands of free or premium theme designs, and for beginners, this could be a tough decision. Before sharing the themes, we must first know the common traits of a good WordPress theme.

  1. Mobile-Responsive Design

One important thing is to check is its mobile-response since most people are opening websites through their phones.

  1. SEO Optimization

This is a must-have to ensure that the design still applies the best SEO practices.

  1. Speed and Performance

People hate slow performing website. Themes with too much design might take a long to respond, especially when there are images or videos.

  1. Flexible Stress-Free Setup

Building a website is a little time consuming, so it’s better to have a theme that will give you less time to setup. Some have drag & drop edit, and also multiple layouts to choose from.

  1. Plugins Compatibility

WordPress updates their themes and plugins. Make sure that the theme you’ll choose is fully compatible with some essential WordPress plugins.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

The WordPress theme should also be compatible with different browsers. Some of these might not be the same look as you see on the browser you use, and not all people use the same as you, so make sure to check the compatibility of the theme you are going to use.

Take note that your website theme should look polished, professional, and have a balanced design.


Top 10 Best WordPress Themes to Use in 2021

2020 has given us tons of themes, and there are lists of the best themes to us that came out. We have listed themes to use in 2017, now as we’re taking off to 2021, we need something modern and professional. Now, we are preparing for a newer look in 2021, there are some WordPress themes that became popular later this year that we can use for the next year. Now that we know the common traits of a theme to choose let’s jump into the top 10 WordPress themes we can use next year.

 #10: Astra

Astra is said to be the fastest-growing theme of all time. If you are into a modern design type of website, this will work for you with its simple drag and drop page builder. It also comes with starter sites that are good for beginners and business starters. It also offers tons of features and powerful integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

#9: BeTheme

One WordPress Theme that is intuitive, responsive, and multipurpose is BeTheme. It has a huge array of tools and design elements and is known to be fast and flexible. For beginners, this is very easy to use and is proven as a stress-reducer as is it professionally crafted and gave you tons of features.

#8: Flatsome

Need a WooCommerce Theme for your website? Then consider using Flatsome. It is multipurpose and responsive and is a perfect theme for a company website. It has complete tools that allow you to create a fast and responsive website, unique layout, and different visual styles. If you want a modern design, then you should try Flatsome.

#7: The Gem

If you’re into creativity, you will surely love The Gem. It is a multipurpose, high-performing theme with features of beautiful design that is really exciting to use. It has plenty of pre-built and installable websites and is a ready-to-go theme. Also, a plus for responsiveness that is very fast and SEO optimized.

#6: Total Theme

This theme is stress-free and will give you less time to build because it is flexible and easy to use and already has a vast number of happy customers. It is a drag and drop theme and won’t require any coding that is totally developer-friendly. Several customizing options are available. It is amicable, simple, and flexible with cool elements and good integration.

#5: Houzez

If your business is all about real estate, there’s a great theme you must take into consideration. Houzez is a highly customizable real estate WordPress theme that is also multipurpose because of its unique features. It offers advanced property searching and a flexible format for property listings. This theme is also responsive, and you can easily engage with potential customers.

#4: Bridge

If you need an aesthetically beautiful, responsive design and polished website theme, Bridge is your choice! It is known to be a retina-ready WordPress theme appropriate for portfolios, business sites, and many more. It can also speed up the site process by just clicking any of their demos and styles being offered with its open-ended flexibility and a vast collection of design elements.

#3: X-Theme

This theme comes with a front-end building page that makes it easy to customize, be it videos, images, sliders, and offers you with many extensions to use. It also has a theme customizer for some additional work you want for your website. You can design specific settings and modify some elements like fonts, sizes, buttons, social media, and many more. This theme also integrates with WordPress plugins sp you don’t have to worry.

#2: Divi

Search the web, and you can see Divi’s popularity in the list of best themes to choose from because of its robust features, visual look, and reliable support. It is easy to customize your logos, texts, images, and anything else you want to be on your website. This theme also comes with hundreds of different layouts to choose from.

#1: Avada

Now, the top on our list is Avada.

Avada is known to be one of the leading WordPress themes in the market, and many website owners that used this theme love its fusion builder, and you might like it, as well. It is an easy drag and drop element for your site, and you can customize it the way you want it. They offer all the tools you need for a unique design using their advanced theme. Its content system provides flexibility and is considered a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme for 2020.

Wrap Up

Themes make your website look dashing and professional, and not only that, but they also offer responsiveness and high performance for your website. If you’re starting your website, you should consider choosing the right theme, and if you’re a website owner who wishes to update their website theme, try one of these and stay up to date. Note that this order is based on the research and experience of clients and customers using WordPress themes.

Since most of our recommended themes, our fast responsive and multipurpose, also take note of some of these tips that will help you in building or updating your WordPress website:

  1. Choose a quick-custom design and easy to use
  2. Make sure it fits your brand or company
  3. Consider author support for continuous updates

If you need help maintaining your WordPress website, customizing themes, and such, 465 Media is ready for you. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to your WordPress needs. You will never regret working with us. Be our partner now, and call us for a free consultation!

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