Top 3 Plugins that are used to Integrate Social Media into WordPress Website

For website owners, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus provide an opportunity for their content to reach a large number of people instantly. Behind search engine traffic, marketers found social media to be the 2nd greatest tool. Being a business owner, you should build up your social media presence in order to get more traffic.

Having user-engaging and highly shareable content enables you to drive more traffic to your site. However, plugins are the most effective way to integrate the necessary social share buttons on a WordPress powered websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest in different locations and styles. Each plugin adds a different function to your site and helps you to get the most out of social media.

Here is a list of top 3 plugins that are used to integrate social media into a wordPress-powered website:

1.Social Media Feather: It is a widely used social sharing buttons plugin available for free. Social Media Feather allows you to integrate several social sharing buttons to your WordPress website. Moreover, you can integrate social media follow buttons that will allow your users to share your blogs on their social channel. Social Media Feather supports all the popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. You get a clean, modern set of buttons, which can be placed before or after each post. You can also put the follow buttons anywhere on your site by using a dedicated widget. With this plugin, you can place a set of buttons before or after each post. It is easy to integrate “follow buttons” on your website through a dedicated widget.

2.Social Share & Locker Pro: It is a popular 2-in-1 premium plugin, available for $14. With this plugin, you can get social sharing buttons as well as social locker functionality. It supports 20 famous social media channels. Share buttons can be integrated anywhere on your web page — top, bottom, left, or right. With a simple shortcode, it is easy to place the share buttons directly into the content. The button comes in ten different skins. Besides, the plugin is available with additional social locker function that allows you to lock premium content, which a user can only see after sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

3.NextScripts- Social Network Auto-Poster: Another popular free plugin that can share your content on every configured social media sites when you hit “publish.” With this plugin, you will not need to submit each post manually to every platform you use. NextScripts supports 27 different social sites. You can also integrate more than one account for each social media platform. Besides, you can configure the plugin to add an article’s tags to your post as hashtags that will make your content easy to find for user

Analyzing the performance of your content on social sites helps you to see what pages are performing the most. This tracking can help you plan out future web pages and blog posts. The above-mentioned plugins will help you create a more consistent publishing on various social media platforms.

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  1. The best list I’ve seen and so useful. Many thanks!
    You can also add the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin. Using it, you can add your social media post on your website with attractive layouts.
    View demo here:

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