5 Signs You’re in Dire Need of WordPress Maintenance Services

Entrepreneurs taking their businesses to the next level are making a huge step by giving their commerce an online presence. If you’re one of them, you deserve a pat in the back! You just made a wise decision in making that first move. But now that you have your website, what’s next in store for you? Have you completed the set-up required on your website? Have you made your website optimized? If all the necessary WordPress customization has been covered, you’re all set for the next batch of challenge – WordPress site maintenance.

Why do web owners need it? Well, there are numerous reasons why WordPress maintenance services are sought. Let’s go through the 5 signs that make them seek for assistance.

You know you’re in dire need when you’ve had…

security breach

It’s better not to wait for one to happen, but realistically speaking, a lot of us won’t feel the need unless we’ve experienced this. How bad can it get? According to Varonis, the cost of a malware attack on average is $2.6 million. If you think attackers are only after big companies, think again. These cybercriminals have changed their scheme by going after small or entry-level institutions since it offers easy entry for malicious activities plus they are more likely to pay for a ransomware attack. 

Will it get better by 2020? Not a chance. Forbes has forecasted a steady annual increase of 8.4% on global cybersecurity spending.

WordPress Maintenance Services


Availing a WordPress site care program early on will help eliminate the risk of cyber attacks for it can scan malware and viruses regularly. The service package offers a good deal for those who wish to stay protected, it’s better to pay for prevention rather than experience irreversible damage.

loss of important files

Each data is regarded with high importance, you cannot afford to lose a single file as this makes up your entire business. How exactly are files lost? They can be lost when a file gets corrupted, and if viruses and malware are lurking inside your computer.  Traditional ways of backing up data have long been discouraged. Although those could be cost-effective options, they simply defeat the purpose of having a back-up and it doesn’t offer many conveniences compared to cloud-stored files.

Back up cloud storage has become a trend for most of the website owners as it helps in security and accessibility. When a physical computer has been damaged, offsite backup files make it convenient for owners to have previous data reinstalled.  Malware, on the other hand, takes control of your files. It works by destroying or encrypting a code making it inaccessible. When these encrypted files become remote, exact file copies can be reinstalled using the cloud-stored files.

Companies are not only in charge of keeping the client’s information private but they’re also held reliable on leaked information. That’s why it’s an organization’s top priority to keep everything safe in the digital world especially if it’s in the field of health care.

malfunctioning plug-ins 

Most of the WordPress sites are run with Plug-ins. This tool can make things work the way we want them to. But just like any other add-on, this WordPress compatible software can sometimes malfunction. Normally, installing updates can make things work again but if all things fail, a group of website developers can help you with that by simply finding a different plug-in that can run compatibly with your website. Although this might sound like a simple thing to do, managing plug-ins can sometimes cause trouble especially those which do not offer full support.

A website development company can help you get through this. Foursixtyfivemedia for one can perform flawless updates in no time and has professionals that are reachable 24/7. So when your WordPress powered site starts to bog down, you can call them anytime to consult.

slow web loading time

Speed is an important factor in any webpage. In time, uploading content and adding up themes can affect your website’s loading time. According to Unbounce, 81% of marketers believe that slow loading speed can affect their sales. Did you know it only takes a few seconds for shoppers to wait for a page to fully load?

WordPress Maintenance Services


If you have an e-commerce site, speed can help you increase conversion rates. If you have a blog, you’ll have fewer chances of readers hitting the back button. With a WordPress Maintenance service, issues on this matter will be properly addressed. The developer can check the back end or install powerful tools that can boost your WordPress site

difficulty managing

Let’s face it, with so many things you need to deal with, it would be impossible for business owners to take charge of every part of its operation. Letting a group of professionals handle site maintenance issues can be a wise choice. Business owners need to direct their attention to other things that promotes business growth and let a specialized team take care of your site maintenance needs.

In summary…

There’s no shame in seeking help when the situation calls for it. Taking things on your own initially can be great, but when the business grows and things get hard to control asking for professional advice and assistance can become one of the best decisions you’ll make. Talk to us now and see how our services can meet your business needs.

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