WordPress Maintenance: 3 Best Ways To Put Your Website Into Maintenance Mode

In order to upgrade your WordPress website, you should put your website into maintenance mode. The maintenance mode makes your site temporarily unavailable to public access. Being an owner of the website, you wouldn’t want errors to pop up while making significant updates in the background, right?

There are numerous ways of settling a website into maintenance mode; some of them are listed below:

1) WordPress Built-in Maintenance Page
When updating WordPress website, you can generate a file called .maintenance that will let your visitors know your site is down for maintenance. The .maintenance file should be automatically removed when the process is done.

If you are working on the overall appearance of your website, then create a file named maintenance.php and customize it with CSS. You can put this file into wp-content folder.

*Note: If the process fails, you have to manually remove .maintenance from your server.

2) By using .htaccess
If you are working on the Apache server, it is an option to use the .htaccess file to control access to the directories in your server to send a response code of the status. You can use the 503 status code to show the visitors that the server is temporarily unavailable.

3) By Using a Plugin
You can find numerous WordPress plugins available that will allow you put your site into maintenance mode. Some of the most preferred plugins are listed below:

  • Easy Maintenance Mode
  • Tidio Maintenance Mode
  • Easy Pie Maintenance Mode
  • YITH Maintenance Mode
  • Coming soon and Maintenance mode
  • Ultimate Maintenance Mode
  • WP Maintenance Mode
  • Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode
  • Maintenance Mode

All of these plugins will help you create a more advanced maintenance mode page with ease.

So, these are 3 best ways to put your website into maintenance mode. You can choose any option according to your preferences.

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