How to Choose the Right WordPress Maintenance Service Provider

Have you finally decided to seek professional help in maintaining your website? If so, you’re up for another challenge – finding the perfect service provider for your WP site! Although it may sound quite easy, the search for the right one deserves some lone time and thorough scrutiny. In this article, we have come up with some important points to consider when one chooses to avail of a WordPress maintenance service provider.

Know the Services You Need

Choosing the right WordPress maintenance service provider can be hard if you don’t know the things that you need to consider before asking for assistance.  With so many options to choose from on the internet, it can get tricky! At times, this could lead to availing unwarranted and costly packages from premium providers. Before even rushing to the internet and checking the companies available, it’s important to produce a checklist that would determine the things that are important for your website. It’s necessary to note the issues that need prioritization to give way for urgent matters such as security and malfunctioning plugins.

Know the Service Package Offered

Knowing what you need and why you need the services is a top priority. You wouldn’t want to end up paying for something not useful for your site, would you? No matter how comprehensive the offer might be, chances are, they might not be the right services you’re looking for. You can still find the right service package at a cheaper price if you just do a little more research. 

Basic WordPress maintenance service package can include: 

  • Core WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • Regular website backups
  • Security check
  • 24/7 Support from developers

From the list above, you can see if your website needs more than the basic coverage offered by the providers. Companies would be happy to give personalized recommendations should you be needing more assistance. If these things are met by your prospect service provider then you are off to a good start!

Consider the Cost

According to WordPressbuffs, the fees of availing a WP service provider can run between $100-200 a month. The expense of keeping a well-maintained website is overwhelming especially for startups, but do you know it’s more expensive to lose valuable data and repair damages brought by attacks?


The graph above shows how much damage an attacker can cause in a compromised WordPress site. Vulnerable sites are those that lack back ups, monitoring, and regular checks. To sum it up, websites can only get high-risk when they are not maintained by a group of professionals. Minor and major downfall of your WP site can be avoided should you choose to secure a WordPress maintenance contract.

Considering the right WordPress Maintenance Service Provider could mean analyzing the costs. The package fees should justify the services it comes with it and must be in line with your website needs. It’s also important to note that doing comparison checks can give you information as to how much a package should cost. Getting an estimate from just one or two companies won’t give you much of an idea.

Checking a Company’s Track Record

The reputation of the service provider says it all. It can determine credibility, professionalism, and expertise on their field. Start by consulting with your relatives and friends or searching over the internet, it could help a lot when you know some information about your prospect provider. Some would refer to the number of positive feedback the company has gained over the operational period; this could be influenced by excellent customer service, the number of projects completed, timely resolution, and high-quality output.

Choosing a Highly-Responsive Team

There’s nothing more alarming than seeing your website bog down, especially if it’s an e-commerce site. It can affect your sales in an instant! It blocks potential customers, reduces repeat clients, and even tags your website as fraudulent. This is why having a highly-responsive team that provides 24/7 support from a group of professional developers is a must. When something goes wrong, you can immediately ask for assistance anytime of the day. After all, not all are well versed when it comes to using WordPress.

Go for a Flexible Service Provider

An adaptable company knows how to properly accommodate the client’s needs. Businesses nowadays can be erratic, it’s important for service providers to be sensitive in this field and be more welcoming on alternative methods. Flexibility can be expressed by companies through payment schemes, contracts, and service packages. Some companies offer monthly options instead of a yearly payment scheme, while others offer flexible contracts. As for service packages, some companies accommodate personalized plans to ensure that the demands are met.

There are various ways to choose the right WordPress maintenance service provider, but the things listed above will surely give you the basics in how to search for the right one. If you’re still looking for your ideal company or if you’re someone who doesn’t feel confident with the provider you’re currently in, take a look at the services 465-Media offers. The company provides custom WordPress development, proactive WordPress site care programs, and blazing fast WordPress hosting. 465-Media specialize in small to medium businesses, offering the best care package at the most budget-friendly price. Call them now for a free consultation!

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